Rules for purchasing books

1.How to purchase a book on the website?

Add the desired book to the cart and follow the payment instructions. After payment, the book is already yours and you can take it out of the store or order it by courier/postal.

2.Can I ask for an item purchased on a different day at the time we want?
Yes, you can buy and collect a number of books in the store, and then check them out whenever you want

3.How much does the courier cost?
Tbilisi-8 GEL (1-3 working days)
Other cities - you pay the tax (according to the weight) to the representative of the courier company (3-5 working days)

4.Returning a sold book
4.1In the case of on-site sales from the bookstore, the book is not refundable

4.2The book is returned if you can check it out online and you find that the book is not in the condition you saw in the picture when you bought it. That is, if you bought an undamaged book online and found it damaged when you checked out, we will immediately take the book back and give you a refund. 

  4.3The book can be returned if you buy it online, you use the courier/postal service, and when you pick it up, you find that the book is not in the same condition as in the picture, that is, if you bought an undamaged book online and received a damaged one, we will immediately return the book and refund the money. It should happen before you receive the book from the courier, in the presence of the courier, and in case of a defect, you should bring the damaged book to the courier.

  4.4In other cases (change your mind, etc. for any reason), the store will not return the book

5.What if the book I purchased is lost or undeliverable before it is picked up/shipped?                                                                                                            5.1If the book you purchased is lost before it is taken out/sent or its delivery is delayed for any reason, the store will immediately compensate you for the loss - you will get a double amount of the amount you paid for the advance of our store, which you can use at any time, except in the case of 4.2. 

 5.2The store is not responsible for the sold book if more than 1 year has passed since the sale of the book

6.How is the book removed from the store?                                                        6.1You can withdraw from the bookstore at any time (during business hours).   

6.2When taking out the products bought online, it is necessary to go through identification with the store employee when taking out the book (purchase screen, correspondence, payment, etc. anything that proves your identity) 

 6.3In the event that the book is sent to a third party for collection, the buyer must notify the store that a third person will collect the book, provide information about his identity, and the third person coming to collect the book must be identified by the store employee.                                                                                     

  6.4This procedure is necessary to ensure that your purchased eign is not misappropriated by another person.